InMotion is committed to achieving a high standard of excellence for every project we perform. We are skilled at providing innovative solutions to complex challenges. Working as a partner, our qualified staff blends our clients’ vision with sound engineering methodologies to provide feasible solutions for any size project. We have a dedicated team equipped with the engineering proficiency to meet the regulatory agency requirements and the project’s needs.

As a small company, InMotion is geared toward listening to you and understand your needs in order to create a response-driven, innovative, reliable, value-added project experience.

We provide the following services:

BIM Implementation Support

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is quickly becoming the required deliverable for progressive clients. Although many Autodesk products have the ability to store information of your model, BIM is a process and not a software.

InMotion will setup and accomplish your design for you using the technology required to accomplish an interactive and interoperable BIM process.

Site Design

InMotion Consulting has years of experience with all types of site design such as:

Erosion and Sedimentation

InMotion Consulting also provides for all your erosion control needs. With multiple Georgia Soil Water Conservation Commission Level 2 Design Professionals with years of in-field experience of both design and inspection, we can provide you with working solutions.


InMotion has years of experience in dealing with hydrology and hydraulic analysis in Georgia. We are specialists in the means and methods of the Georgia Stormwater Manual and the ways to implement it on your site. Whether it be analysis on an existing system, upgrades to a system, or a complete redesign of a stormwater management facility we can do it all.

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