BlockToPoint Logo Create Civil 3D Points from AutoCAD Blocks


Converts AutoCAD blocks into Civil 3D points

Command: IMBlockToC3DPoint
Select block representing points <eXit>: Select the AutoCAD block that you want to convert
Once the block has been selected, the dialog allows you to map the block attributes to C3D point properties. You can use other methods map the point properties also.

For point number you can have Civil 3D assign it, sequence from a specific number, or use a block attribute.

For elevation, you can use the block's insertion point, manually assign an elevation for all points converted, or use a block attribute

For description, you can use no description, a manual description for all points converted, or use a block attribute

You can choose to convert all the inserted blocks selected, or select graphically which blocks to convert

For the layer assigned, you can use the block's layer, the current layer, the layer set in the point command settings, or manually select a layer

Lastly, select the Civil 3D styles to use for the selected points


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