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Multiple Offset

Offsets a selected object multiple times in specified direction



Command: IMMultipleOffset
Specify offset distance [Through] <Through>: Enter (or pick two points to define) the distance to offset the objects
Number of times to offset [Total distance/eXit] <1>: Enter the total times to offset object said distance. Optionally, you can select to specify a total distance. If total distance is entered, the offset is repeated until the offset distance times the number of times equals or is greater than the total distance specified.
Select object to offset: Select the object you want to offset.
Specify point on side to offset: Pick a point on the side of the object to define which direction to offset
Select entity on destination layer or [Current layer/Type/Dialog] <Current layer>: Select the layer by selecting the entity on the destination layer. Optionally you can use the current layer, type the layer name, or use a dialog to select the layer.


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