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Create a legal description of a selected parcel or polyline.

Command: IMCreateLegalDescription
Select a polyline or C3D Parcel [Settings] <Settings>: Select a polyline or C3D Parcel object by selecting the label. Optionally, you can adjust the format settings of the description output.

The settings walks you through the legal description. The Introduction and the Concluding text are written before and after the geometry.

For any line segments, the text in the Prefix will be written before the bearing. The text in the Middle will be written between the bearing and distance. The text in the Suffix will be written after the distance.

The Direction Formatting allows you to control the precision and unit text.

For Curve Options, you can add as many geometry outputs for the curve. For each geometry output type, you can add Prefix/Suffix text to the geometry output.

After the geometry output for all segments, the area will be written out using the geometry outputs entered. The General Prefix and Suffix will be written before and after all the output type.

All settings will be saved to each drawing. You can also save the settings to an external file. Once saved, you can import the settings from the saved file.


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