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BETA! Creates Lots Based upon Grade Parameters.

Command: IMLotSizing

Enter the regulatory constraints. The horizontal building constraints are used if they are greater than the other constraints.

Pad constraints establish the building pad. The margins allows for some grades away from the flat building pad. This allows for porch or HVAC pads.

To drain between the building pads, establish what point of the pad to drain from. The minimum depth and grade of the ditch will be ditch and ditch width and side slope are used to drain between the pads.

The profile grade of the road is used to establish the lot widths. The ditch will not be below the minimum elevation difference. The elevation difference is from the profile elevation to the ditch.

The created property line, setback lines (if selected) can be included with set layers.

The Include Section Block option allows you to see the grading in section view along the road. Such a view provides confirmation of the lot width.


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