Point Renumber Logo Set Grade Between Pipe Inverts


Set a consistent grade and fall in the network between two selected pipes

Command: IMSetGradeBetweenInverts
Select first pipe: Select the pipe to start adjustments from. Select the pipe in profile view. This pipe will hold elevation of the opposite invert from the direction of the second pipe.
Select second pipe: Select the pipe to end the adjustments at. This pipe will have both ends adjusted.
Pipe Grade Settings window

Following the selection of the second pipe, the pipe grade settings window will open.

  1. Enter the grade to set for each pipe.
  2. Optionally, set a pipe drop elevation difference.
  3. The software will not only grade but also will match any pipe at the connecting structure. You can have the pipe's match invert, centerline, or crowns.

These settings will stay through the drawing session.


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