Our platform experience

Our platform experience includes most applications from Autodesk and Microsoft. We are well versed in the following platforms and programming languages:

  • Visual Studio .Net
  • Auto/Visual Lisp
  • SQL / SqlLite


You have just spent thousands of dollars making sure that all in your office are running the latest AutoCAD software. Why in the world would you think of spending any more money on add-ons or customization?

Deploying software "out-of-the-box" is a first step to improving productivity. Many miss the true power that AutoCAD has given them and their company. Software customization provides a substantial productivity gain over "out-of-the-box" deployment and often produces an impressive return on investment.

Let's face it, the most common causes of drawing inconsistencies and errors working in AutoCAD stem from the human factor repeating monotonous steps. Creation of a simple configuration, setup routines, menus, ribbons, custom user interfaces, and utilities will make daily tasks quicker and easier reducing time and expense.

Those who have used software by InMotion

The software was far and away beyond my expectations...I can't tell you how much time just two of the commands have saved me.

We love this little program to bits for all the things it can do!..I find more uses for it all the time...

Customization initiatives do not necessarily require the time and effort involved in preparation of detailed formal specifications. Projects can take as little as a few hours to define, design, and complete. Implementation is often transparent to users requiring little or no training.

Using the company's staff to write, maintain, and implement new automation is not cost effective, efficient, provides for no consistency, and opens the door to support issues. Don't rely on CAD users who may have picked up a lisp routine or two in their journeys.

Turn to a company that has been providing customized solutions to local, national, and international companies for over two decades.

Contact us to build your solution and keep you moving forward.

In addition to providing custom application development services, InMotion has taken some of the most popular requests for production tools and packaged them into economical plug-in applications. Note just some of these below:

IMGeneral Solutions

As InMotion began to customize AutoCAD, it was based on the necessity to support companies and to enhance their own productivity. These simple but productive tools have evolved over the years and are now packaged into the IMGeneral Solutions program.

The following is just a brief list of some of the tools available within IMGeneral Solutions

Rotate By Insertion Point Count Attribute Values Create Line Tangent to Arc Create Perpindicular Line
Copy Along Path Set Viewport Angle Align Crosshairs
Offset To Layer Multiple Offset Offset Nested Object Offset Text
Get Distance At Point Measure Total Distances Set Polyline Width Set Elevation
Import Text Styles Import Layers Import Blocks Import Dimension Styles
Import MLeader Styles Import Linetypes Import Views Rename Blocks
Rename Layers Save Annotation Scale List Edit Saved Annotation Scale List Update Drawing's Annotation Scales

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IMCivil Solutions

Similar to IMGeneral Solutions, InMotion has also packaged some of the most requested productivity tools for assisting in your Civil 3D design.

The following is just a brief list of some of the tools available within IMCivil Solutions

Create Polylines from Feature Lines Convert Blocks to C3D Points Process Linework Survey Adjustment
Create Legal Description Layout Lot Sizes Renumber Points Create Alignment Station/Offset Points
Contour Offset Offset Profile Adjust Profile Create Parking Spaces
Count Parking Spaces Pipe Maker Rename Network Parts Set Default Network Settings
Create Storm Sewer Network Create Sanitary Sewer Network Network Alignment Links Set Grade Between Inverts

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